Everett Trips & Tours

Great memories start with MWR!

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest through Community Recreation’s Trips & Tours! Hike through the best trails with most picturesque views, travel to seasonal staples to celebrate limited-time events, hit the slopes on a ski adventure, admire bald eagles, snow-capped mountains, lush evergreen trees, and more!

The different trips and tours have experienced guides to accompany outings, depart from NAVSTA Everett unless otherwise noted, and are open to all authorized military, family members, retirees and DoD civilians.

Register in person at the Community Recreation Office, or online at navylifepnw.com/myFFR and enter the trip myFFR #. Don’t have a myFFR account? Log on and register online!

Which Trip Is Right For You?

Easy: Relatively flat trail with low mileage and very little elevation gain. Suitable for all ages and ability levels.

Moderately Easy: Some uneven terrain and elevation gain up to 500 feet.

Moderate: More rugged terrain and elevation gain up to 1000 feet and/or mileage over six miles.

Difficult: High elevation gain and/or long distance. Participants need to be in good physical shape.


Don’t see a trip that’s right for you on our schedule? Design a trip for your group that fits your schedule! The Community Recreation Specialist is available to help you build an adventure for you and your friends or family. Trips & Tours provides transportation and a wide variety of outdoor equipment for your use. We can take your group camping, handling all permits, camping equipment, transportation, and even do the cooking! Or, go on a private snowshoeing trip with an experienced guide. The sky is the limit!

Call 425-304-3575 for more information, or to talk to one of our Community Recreation Specialists and start planning your adventure!

Information & Resources

The Community Recreation Office, located on the west wing of The Commons, is a great place to drop in, glance at a book about local trails or adventure sports, or to catch a quick video featuring the latest outdoor program, kayaking, climbing, hiking, mountain biking or camping trip. Browse our brochure rack to find a trip, route or expedition in the nearby North Cascades or further afield.  Find the local mountain biking trails, get local ski resort information, the best 25 hikes in Snohomish County, hikes to waterfalls and much more…