Sailor's Choice Marina & Mini Storage

The Sailor's Choice Marina at Naval Station Everett is a private mooring facility boasting a variety of services for all authorized DoD boating enthusiasts.

Located within the grounds of Naval Station Everett in the inner harbor, the Marina is the perfect place to furl your sails and tie up for the night or longer. The Marina offers year-around moorage and can moor various sized vessels. Slips are 26’, 30', 36' and 40' plus feet.


26-ft Slips
Hold up to a 28-ft vessel - Rate per Foot $4.75/ft, Minimum Monthly Rate $123.50/month

30-ft Slips
Hold up to a 32-ft vessel - Rate per Foot $5.50/ft, Minimum Monthly Rate $165/month

36-ft Slips
Hold up to a 39-ft vessel - Rate per Foot $6/ft, Minimum Monthly Rate $216/month

Vessels 40-ft  & Larger
Rate per Foot $6.50/ft, Minimum Monthly Rate $338/month

Guest Moorage
Available at $13.50 per night. Advance reservations required, please call 425-304-3449.

Marina Location

Enter onto Perry Street and follow the road (through right hand turn at Fletcher Way) until you reach Spruance Blvd. Turn left and continue to Thatcher Street (on left) Marina parking is on the right-hand side.

Sailor's Choice Mini Storage

56 mini storage units are located on Spruance Blvd just a short walk from the Marina. Patrons supply their own lock. Mini storage units are available 24/7 to all DoD-eligible patrons.

5 x 5 ft. Size Unit

5 x 10 ft. Size Unit

Call 425-304-3449 to reserve your mini storage unit.

Management Office

The Management Office is located in the ITT / Leisure Services Office in The Commons.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

Mailing Address
Sailor's Choice Marina & Mini Storage
Naval Station Everett / MWR 1950
2000 W. Marine View Dr.
Everett, WA 98207