Individual Augmentee (IA) Support

Fleet & Family Support Program (FFSP) has a wide variety of services for Individual Augmentees (IA), their family members, and commands before, during, and after and IA assignment.

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Preparing for an IA Assignment

FFSP can help the IA and their family members prepare for an IA assignment. Preparation helps family members not just survive but thrive throughout the deployment cycle. Preparation can help an IA maintain mission readiness and increase the success of the mission.

Pre-Deployment Briefs

These briefings educate IAs and family members about what to expect during an IA assignment. Discussions during these briefings include common reactions during and following a combat or hazardous duty assignment along with general deployment issues. To schedule a Pre-Deployment brief call 1-866-854-0638.

Financial Preparation

FFSP certified Financial Educators can provide personalized financial information and assistance on preparing for an IA assignment. To schedule a financial appointment call 1-866-854-0638.

Navy Family Accountability & Assessment (NFAAS)

FFSP can help sailor and families understand NFAAS and how it is used by the command and FFSP. FFSP primarily focuses on supporting the family during the IA assignment. Knowing resources are available for the family allows the IA to stay focused on the mission. It is important to ensure that NFAAS has current information and that the IA has designated an IA Preferred Contact. Family members have a designated FFSP consultant, and Individual Deployment Support Specialist (IDSS), available as a resource for assistance. Even if the IA is single they may designate parents, significant others, or friends for support from the IDSS. The IDSS will contact the individual in NFAAS designated as the IA Preferred Contact to offer support and to provide information and assistance during the IA assignment.

Navy Family Accountability & Assessment (NFAAS) Website →

Post Deployment

Deployment affects everyone differently. Additionally, there are unique situations when someone is deployed to a combat zone or a hazardous duty situation. It is very common for individuals to experience emotional aftershocks when they have witnessed or were involved in highly stressful or life-threatening situations. Normal relations may include: sleep disturbances, difficulty relating to family and friends, taking unnecessary risks like driving too fast, and not being able to relax. FFSP is available to provide assistance after deployment. The designated IDSS will continue to contact the IA Preferred contact listed in NFAAS for 6 months after deployment. In addition, counselors are available to provide individual, child and family counseling as it is needed on an individual basis. Call 1-866-854-0638 to schedule a counseling appointment.

Operational Stress

Stress is the process by which we respond to challenges: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Prolonged or extreme stress may impact performance or health.

The Navy developed an Operational Stress Control program and the Stress Continuum model as a tool for recognizing where we are in response to stress and to help us understand what actions may be needed to minimize negative stress effects. Here is an overview of the Stress Continuum as a guide, for more detailed information look at the website below.

The Stress Continuum →

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