DoD Civilian Retirees require new DBIDS Access Cards for entry to Navy installations

26 Jun 2023

DoD Civilian Retirees require new DBIDS Access Cards for entry to Navy installations 

Defense Department civilian retirees will no longer be issued the DoD Civilian Retiree Identification Card due to updated rules that allow other forms of ID to be used for entry to bases. Previously issued ID cards will remain valid through Aug. 31, 2023.  

In accordance with NAVADMIN 105/23, federal civilian retirees wanting to access MWR facilities onboard U.S. Navy bases can acquire a Defense Biometric Identifications Systems (DBIDS) access card at the nearest installation Visitor Control Center (VCC). Eligible personnel must visit the VCC in person and bring proper identification as well as an SF-50 indicating retirement from civilian government service.

Eligible retirees are encouraged to either complete the SECNAV Form 5512/1 and bring it to the VCC or pre-register their information online at!/ and bring the accompanying QR code to the VCC to streamline wait times at the Navy installation’s VCC.

The implementation of the Real ID Act has eliminated the requirement for special civilian retiree ID cards, according to the DOD’s Office of Personnel and Readiness.

In the past, DOD identification cards were issued to DoD civilian retirees to allow them limited access to certain MWR programs and activities. The DBIDs credentials will allow eligible retirees access to the base and use of permitted MWR facilities. 

The limited use of MWR facilities by DoD civilian retirees will remain at the discretion of the installation commander.