NAS Whidbey Island COVID-19 Update

26 Feb 2021

Effective immediately, NAS Whidbey Island is in HPCON Bravo. That does not mean the base is back at normal operational capacity, but due to everyone’s effort to keep transmission of the COVID-19 virus down we are able to loosen some restrictions and expand services.
Some of these changes will take time to implement, so monitor NASWI’s social media pages and website for an updated status of individual programs.

The following program changes are effective immediately:
• Theater – All eligible patrons
• Paintball – All eligible patrons
• Parks – All eligible patrons
• Keglers Bar and Grill – 50% seating capacity
• Golf – All eligible patrons
• Liberty center – Open with restrictions

The following programs are expected to change in the next few weeks (updates will be posted on FB and website):
• Bowling and Convergence Zone
• Fitness facilities
• O’Club
• CPO Club
• Cliffside RV park
• NEX food court and Wendy’s
• NEX and Commissary
• All other programs – Check the updated status online

To understand how the shift to HPCON B will affect travel and ROM policies, contact your chain of command. Source: NAS Whidbey Island Public Affairs Office.