Final Testing for Upgraded Speaker System

31 Jul 2018

The final sound testing of the newly upgraded outdoor speaker system is
scheduled to begin Wednesday, Aug. 1 and end by Friday, Aug. 3.  Testing
will occur between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at Naval Station Everett, Smokey Point,
and Jim Creek locations. Please be advised that multiple tests must be done
for each individual speaker tower. These will include "white-noise" sounds
lasting for about a minute. The high volume tests are done to ensure the
system will function properly in the event that a real emergency alert is
necessary. We appreciate the community's continued patience as the final
tests are completed. 

Full information about the upgrade and testing is included below and online
at the Navy Homeport Northwest blog

Released June 25, 2018

Naval Station Everett Upgrades Outdoor Speaker System

EVERETT, Wash. - Naval Station Everett's outdoor speaker system, which is
used for important base announcements and emergency notification, is being
upgraded this summer. The work will include a retrofit of the existing
wireless system, installation of new speakers, and sound testing. The
project was contracted to SSC Pacific and starts this week.

The system will be retrofitted with newer electronic equipment. The new
equipment will project audio signals directly to all speakers in the system
at once, resulting in fewer signal delays between speakers and a more
unified sound. Older speaker towers will be removed at the main base,
reducing the number of speakers from 10 to six. In addition, new outdoor
speakers will be added to the Navy Family Support Complex in Smokey Point
and Naval Radio Station Jim Creek in Arlington. 

Brief testing of the new system's audio function will occur throughout the
project as work is completed. Final sound testing of the whole system is
scheduled to occur between July 31 and Aug 2. The system testing will be
conducted during the work week between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. 

During testing, the sounds heard at intervals may include voice
announcements, audio recordings, white noise, and sirens. Sounds may range
from low growls, static noise, single tones, and extended tones. Volumes
will vary from low to high, with brief high volume sounds. Sound levels will
be monitored to ensure it meets Navy and FEMA standards for emergency
notifications and design specifications.

The outdoor speakers are part of the U.S. Navy's Mass Warning and
Notification System (Wide Area Alert Network). They are required to
communicate emergency alerts with Navy personnel and those within earshot
who are not able to receive other means of notification. In addition to
emergency notification, all Navy installations are mandated to play the
national anthem and observe daily hoisting and lowering of the national
ensign at 8 a.m. and again at sunset. 

Naval Station Everett intends to reduce the impact of this system upgrade to
neighboring communities where possible, while maintaining the ability to
meet mass warning notification system requirements. We thank the community
for their continued support and understanding.